Figuring out the order (not the ordo!) of the Episcopal service. What comes where and why? Ask them about the mystery of the 'floating sanctus.' Lots of head-scratching and laughter on this one........but they got it right!!!

Confirmation Classes for Youth and Adults- Confirmation Classes will be offered to interested young people and adults upon request. They are designed to meet the needs of young adults assuming responsibility for their own Baptismal vows and for any adult who is considering being formally received into the Episcopal Church.  Please speak to Rev. Liz to register.  

​​Sunday School for younger children - ​We are in the process of establishing a Sunday School Program for younger children. In the meantime, we welcome our young children to worship with us and participate in our Sunday morning service. We encourage active participation in our service by all our children. 

Snapshots from our class on 

"What it Means to Be an Episcopalian?"

The Virtual Retreat

Adult Formation 

Jesus told us to love one another. 

In these turbulent and often emotional times, sometimes that's a hard command to follow. In this book, Arthur Brooks gives us some concrete strategies for talking about important issues when opinions are different.

Join us in the exploration and skill building as this election year unfolds. 

Weekly Beginning Wednesday, July 15, 2020

ending Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Gathering at 7:00pm on ZOOM

contact the Parish Office

to get meeting instructions   ​703-820-2625


send an e-mail to Rev. Liz at