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St. Paul's Episcopal Church belongs to God first; the members of the congregation second and to the clergy third. This parish runs on the energy and inspiration of its parishioners. 

If you are interested in getting involved with the activities of this parish, we would be delighted to have you join us. 

Additional information about volunteer opportunities are on the following pages of this website: Outreach. Adult Formation/Bible Study, Worship Ministries; Fellowship, Pastoral Care, Choir, and Vestry. 

Speak with one of the following people to express your interest in getting involved:


                       Mbaloma Project                                                    Abraham Jallah, Junior Warden 

                       Easter Egg Hunt                                                                   Christine and Greg King

Adult Formation/Bible Study                                              Rev. Liz Tomlinson, Priest in Charge

Worship Ministries                                                                 Rev. Liz Tomlinson, Priest in Charge                        Acolytes                                                                                                        Alvin Jones

                      Ushers                                                                                                      Richard Henry

                      Lay Readers, Prayer Leaders                          Andia Henries-King, Senior Warden

                      Lay Eucharistic Ministers                                Rev. Liz Tomlinson, Priest in Charge

                      Altar Guild                                                                                                 Phidese Song

Fellowship                                                                                                 Esther Greene, Hospitality

Choir                                                                                                              Anna Ko, Music Director

Vestry                                                                                                        any member of the Vestry

Furniture Delivery for ACCA                                                               Greg Song, Abraham Jalllah

Food Delivery for ACCA                                                                        Mary Lou and Dick Runyon

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