Pastoral Care

​​All of us are in need of prayer, but there are crucial times in life when we are more acutely aware of that need. Life presents multiple challenges and our faith can be a strong source of energy and guidance to meet those challenges. 

Whether you are new to the faith, not quite sure about your faith or an old hand at equipping yourself with prayer as you travel through life, we have an understanding and compassionate staff who can walk with you on a regular basis or at crucial moments in your life.  Private prayer is available to you as well as corporate prayers when your name is added to our prayer list. 

The clergy are prepared to offer you support during all aspects of your life. Please contact the Parish Office or one of our clergy, so that they can be a strong support to you and your family in times of crisis or help multiply your joy at blessed moments in your life. 

The following supports are offered to you through the clergy and through our volunteers. 

Home visits                                                                   Baptsim
​​Hospital visits                                                               Wedding                               Intercessory Prayer                                                     Funeral
Healing Prayer and Annointing                                 
​​​​Short term Counseling
​​Birthday and Anniversary Blessings
​House Blessing