Has been teaching at Saint Paul's for the past 4                          years. She is the Teacher for the 4 year                                        old group and Coordinator of our Spanish curriculum.                  Her extensive background in Child Psychology is an                    asset to our school. Ms.Sonia enjoys running,reading                  and playground time with the children.               

Has been teaching at Saint Paul's for 6 years. She is our 3 year old group Teacher and the After-Care coordinator.        Ms.P loves creating games and telling stories with her students. She believes in nurturing the children's love for learning through play based and hands on activities

Mrs. Ana Perez

           ​Has been teaching at Saint Paul's for the past 5             years as an assistant Teacher. Ms. Kisha's quiet             and cheerful outlook helps the child's transition to           school a positive experience. She enjoys

         dancing, playing games, and reading to the                     students.

​Mrs. Sonia Jara

​Ms. Cherry Pangilinan

Ms. Kisha Lipscomb

​​Has been with Saint Paul's for 4 years as our Food Manager and Assistant Teacher. She enjoys participating in all craft projects and hands on activities. Ms. Ana is always ready to help. She loves being active and enjoys nature walks with her family. 

Has been with Saint Paul's Preschool for 3 years as    an assistant teacher. She loves to create

arts & crafts and work with hands on projects.

Ms.Ruiz is dedicated to creating a Child-fun environment and enjoys reading to the children.

Mrs. Ruth Ruiz